Karzoo supplies a complete service, made-to-measure for companies and administrations who would like to make a carpool service for home-work journeys available to their staff.

Who are we?

A single car, several people onboard. A simple and useful action to reduce CO2 emissions, traffic congestion, stress, etc.

The carpool site Karzoo, was born from a very simple observation: every morning, the majority of users are alone in their cars.

Knowing that a large share of these people make a practically identical journey, carsharing not only allows the road axes to be freed up, but it also reduces greenhouse gas emissions and even lowers transport costs.

More than just a social networking platform, Karzoo is a 100% free community site which brings together several thousand members.

Karzoo has a wide range of interactive tools: calculating tools enable the calculation of savings made thanks to car-sharing, as well as your CO2 emissions, a cultural agenda, practical dossiers, etc.

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The advantages of carpools for companies

For the employer, promoting car-sharing presents numerous advantages:


Carpooling allows you to make savings in parking, it reduces costs linked to company cars, and crucially, the fewer cars there are on the roads, the less traffic congestion there is, and therefore less lateness, stress, etc.


Carpooling means a reduction in the company’s carbon footprint by lowering greenhouse gas emissions and fighting global warming.

Good relations

Carpooling strengthens social cohesion and improves relationships between personnel to create a friendlier working environment.

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Why set up Karzoo in your company?

  • Provide a proven solution to your employees which favours alternative mobility over individual car use,
  • A more responsible image for the company,
  • Improvement of interdepartmental relations,
  • Saving car parking spaces.
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Karzoo’s carpool solution

    • A personalised site and URL,
    • Integrated road maps - so that you can find partners at the beginning and throughout a journey - with distances, costs and lengths of journeys and CO2 emissions,
    • The possibility to merge the journeys of personnel with those of neighbouring companies,
    • Automatic networking via e-mail,
    • Automatic search of suitable carpools among your employees,
    • Communication media (flyers, posters – excluding printing costs),
    • Display of the company logo in the detailed user information sheets,
    • Hosting, maintaining and updating the platform,
    • Update of the found carpools (time intervals depend on employee turnover).

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An administration interface available for the employer

    • Management of personnel,
    • Management of administrators,
    • Usage and environmental statistics.

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Karzoo accompanies the car-sharing project at different levels

    • The development and personalisation of the intranet (or extranet) site,
    • Hosting (for an extranet solution),
    • Monitoring information,
    • Data back-up,
    • Referencing,
    • Advice in communication matters,
    • The creation of communication media,
    • Training of the administrators,
    • Telephone and e-mail assistance for administrators.

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