All users of Karzoo’s site must respect certain ethical and safety rules. This charter lays out the responsible behaviour that users must adopt, which entails respecting the rules of good conduct, of safety with regard to other users, and of the highway code.

This charter applies to all users of Karzoo, whether they are drivers or passengers. Karzoo’s success depends on the good will of each individual and their respect of this charter. We would therefore ask you to duly take note of it.


  1. Karzoo users are fully responsible for their actions and behaviour. By subscribing to this service, each user attests that he is at least 18 years old. Registering with Karzoo is prohibited for minors.
  2. Karzoo cannot, in any case, be held responsible for any incident or damage which a carpool member could suffer through the use of this site.
  3. Karzoo cannot be held responsible for any lateness or absence of a passenger or a driver in the framework of a journey undertaken through using this site’s services.
  4. The specific action of carpooling is not organised by Karzoo, but results exclusively from an arrangement between the driver and passengers.

If Karzoos’s responsibility had to be invoked, Karzoo reserves the right to point out the failure to observe this charter by the said users. Any possible lawyer’s fees or indemnities required from Karzoo would thus be covered by the failure to observe this charter.


  1. Karzoo users are responsible for the correctness and comprehensiveness of the information provided, including information enabling interaction with other users. h2a and associated organizations cannot be held responsible for any information provided by Karzoo users.
  2. Karzoo members also undertake to modify any information on Karzoo’s site according to any change which could directly or indirectly concern the smooth running of carpooling relationships.
  3. Finally, every carpool member must inform the passenger(s) or the driver(s) of any change in their schedules which could have a direct effect on the journey(s) made.


  • Use

    Users undertake to only use Karzoo for the specific service of putting people wishing to make the same journey in contact with each other. Users undertake, particularly, not to use the site illegally, for harassment, intimidation or slander, in a manner which is detrimental to the private life of a third party, in an abusive, harmful, vulgar, obscene manner, or more generally, with reprehensible aims or in any manner which could damage the rights of a third party.

  • Highway code and safety

    The driver undertakes to respecting the highway code of every country where he will partake in carpooling.

    The driver will take no risks at the wheel and will not take any dangerous substance which could alter his capacity to drive vigilantly and completely safely.

    The vehicle owner undertakes to keep up-to-date concerning safety regulations relative to servicing in the vehicle’s country of registration.

  • Transparency

    The driver must be able to present his papers immediately to a user if so requested (car paperwork, insurance and driving licence). In the same way, passengers must be able to present immediately a document proving their identity to the driver if so requested. Both parties undertake to not transport any illegal, dangerous or forbidden substance during the common journey.

  • Insurance

    There is no insurance problem for practising carpooling,indeed, all car owners possess obligatory insurance which covers third parties (any passenger in their vehicle). However, if the driver requests a payment from the passengers, he must ensure that the payment is not greater than the real costs of vehicle use for the given journey (see Costs linked with carpooling).

    In a case where the driver wishes to leave the wheel to one of the passengers, over a long journey, for example, he must check that his policy does not contain an exclusive driver clause. In fact, certain guarantees are agreed to where the vehicle is only driven by the driver named in the policy (and often by their spouse). In this case, if the occasional driver causes an accident, it will be the insurance holder who will be penalised by a car insurance surcharge.

    In all cases, Karzoo strongly advises vehicle owners to inform their insurance provider of their carpooling activities.

  • Comfort

    The vehicle owner undertakes to keep the interior of the vehicle reasonably clean, so as not to inconvenience the other carpool members during their journey. In the same way, each participant must be clean at the beginning of the journey.

  • Respect

    Carpool members undertake to respect the preferences of individuals and of reaching agreement if the case arises, on the arrangements made, at the time of making contact on Karzoo’s site. They also undertake to remain polite to each other and to respect the vehicle and any other material at their disposal.

  • Punctuality

    For the smooth running of the service and practical use of Karzoo, all members undertake to respect the times fixed and to inform other members of any lateness or modification to the journey.

Costs linked with carpooling

  1. Payment of transport costs between carpool members must be arranged and finalised before departure.
  2. Karzoo provides a cost calculator on its site. These cost calculations do not represent any obligation for carpool members, who are free to fix their own costs. However, Karzoo would advise users to remain within amounts that do not exceed costs which are really sustained. Karzoo’s cost calculations can in no case serve as a basis for any commercial activity linked to carpooling.
  3. Any payment exceeding the real costs of use must be indicated to the insurance company of the vehicle owner, so as to avoid any difficulties in the future, notably at the time of a road accident.

Accepting the Karzoo Charter

  1. By ticking “I accept the charter”, the user accepts all the terms defined in this charter.
  2. Karzoo reserves the right to modify this charter, and in these circumstances would inform all users registered on Karzoo’s site.
  3. In a case of the failure to observe this charter, Karzoo reserves the right to close the account of a user and to ban them from any future access.
  4. Users undertake to inform Karzoo of any violation of this charter on the part of another user with whom they have been in direct contact, by mail.

The company project-owner, H2A, is not subject to any liability for any incident which may occur in the course of a journey (accident, theft, loss of objects, lateness, cancellation...).