Who is behind Karzoo?

Karzoo is an initiative by the h2a company.

h2a is a communication agency which has been based in Luxembourg for several years. It is structured around 4 fields of expertise: Internet site creation, graphic design, photography, and strategic marketing and communication consulting.

We would like to contribute our experience and skills by unifying citizens around concrete action: unblocking our roads while making an ecological gesture. We have therefore created the Karzoo development strategy and put into place the tools enabling its success.

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How do I register?

The registration to Karzoo is linked to the creation of a journey on the site. Just fill in the form (also available by clicking on “My account” on the upper right side).

Data communicated during subscription is retained by Karzoo. In no circumstances will it be used or redistributed to any other companies for any type of commercial exploitation. It remains strictly confidential. No unsolicited mail will be sent out.

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Can I unsubscribe at any time? If so, how?

Yes, it’s very simple. Go to your member’s page, click on “delete my account” and follow the instructions.

Please note that this action cannot be undone - your user data and all your journeys will be irrevocably deleted.

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Do I have to pay for using Karzoo?

Use of this site and services is entirely free. Members are able to announce an unlimited number of departures, as a driver or a passenger, at no cost. To make contact with another member, you simply have to create a Karzoo account for yourself.

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Can I choose my fellow car-sharers? If yes, how?

A marking system enables an evaluation and comments on the behaviour of Karzoo members. Thus, by giving your opinion, you will contribute to increasing the standing of somebody who behaves well. On the other hand, by reporting behaviour by somebody who has not respected their obligations, you will help other users to avoid a negative experience. Once you are a member, you will have access to the evaluations of passengers and drivers regarding the safety of the vehicle, the behaviour of a member during a journey and their punctuality.

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Is it flexible?

The advantage of car-sharing is that it allows a certain flexibility and spontaneity of departures.
You leave at different hours? Post a time slot instead of fix hour. You want to make a journey when the occasion arises and you don't have predetermined date? Input a permanent trip. It will be active until you decide to suspend it!

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How much do I pay for car-sharing, and can I do it via Karzoo’s site?

The amount of participation is fixed in agreement between the driver and the passengers, based on tariff recommendations proposed on our site. No payments can be made via Karzoo. They will be made between the car-sharers concerned, preferably before the journey to avoid any misunderstandings. Karzoo is exempt from all responsibility.

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Car-sharing and insurance?

You are choosing a car-sharing formula which is convenient for you. Regarding insurance companies, regular or occasional car-sharing will not lead to any particular change in the status of the driver’s policy.

Nevertheless, as a precautionary measure, it is advisable for the driver to declare their car-sharing participation to their insurer. They are then able to evaluate the risks.

In a case where the driver wishes to leave the wheel to one of the passengers, over a long journey, for example, he must check that his policy does not contain an exclusive driver clause. In fact, certain guarantees are agreed to where the vehicle is only driven by the driver named in the policy (and often by their spouse).

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I receive regular mails. What shall I do to no longer receive them?

At any time you can activate or deactivate this alert by going to the “My profile” heading in your member's space and by changing your email notifications there.

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I have forgotten my password. What can I do?

Click in the “Forgot your password?” link in the righthand menu and enter the email address that you provided during registration.
You will instantly receive your information by email.

If you should have forgotten the correct email address as well please contact us directly.

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How do I add a journey?

You can input your data directly on the home page in the “My journey” box.
It is also possible to input your information by clicking on “My journeys” or via your member area.

Warning, publishing a journey requires a registration to the Karzoo site. If such prior registration has not been done, it would be proposed to do so while submitting your journey.

To get more chances to find a carpooler, you can had stopping places.

Members who enabled email alerts during their registration will be informed if your journey seems to correspond to theirs.

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How do I remove a journey?

Go to your member’s space.
Click on “my journeys”, the list of your journeys currently on the site will appear.
Click on “delete” to delete the journey.
It is also possible to suspend a journey (if you go on vacation for example) and to reactivate it later.

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Why is my full name published?

To reassure other members of your true identity.

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Will people know where I live?

No. A general view of your place of abode will be possible on the map but it will not enable anybody to precisely locate you.

But please note that if you provide your exact address as a departure/destination point for a journey, people will be able to see this. As a precautionary measure you might want to just specify the street without the street number when you enter a new car sharing offer.

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Will all my personal information be published?

The users will only access the information you decided to publish through your non-disclosure parameters. The users already registered being on the Karzoo platform could contact you by sending you a message,but youe email address will not in any case released unless you wish to do so.

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